For when God asked the question,

"Who shall I send, and who will go for us, who shall declare my Word for this generation?"

...the answer came from the mouth of Conway Cornelius Johnson, Jr.,

"Here am I, oh Lord, send me."

The Man

Pastor Johnson is a proud native of Jamesburg, New Jersey. He is one of five children and the only son born to the late Conway Sr. and Minnie. He is married to the lovely former Nakia Walker, his best friend of over 25 years. They have been blessed with five children: Natayja, Dejaun, Zion and Christian. Their son Xavier (Zion's twin) went back to Heaven.

The Ministry

It became clear that God's hand was upon his life. He has been a minister of the gospel for over 25 years. He commenced his preaching ministry at the age of 18 and his pastoral ministry at age 28. His ministry exhibits the Wisdom of Solomon, the meekness of Bartholomew, the talent of David, the boldness of Peter, and the shepherd's heart of Paul.

The Matriculation

Pastor Johnson has exemplified preparation and excellence in every facet of his life. It is likened unto a journey. He has prepared himself for this journey spiritually, emotionally and educationally. He is a learned man and has matriculated through the halls of academia ultimately earning a Master of Arts in Human Services degree from the oldest historically black college Lincoln University of Pennsylvania.

The Pastor

God has favored Pastor Johnson by allowing tremendous and explosive growth to accompany his ministry. After faithfully serving his first shepherding assignment at the New Hope Baptist Church of Manitou Park in South Toms River for 10 years, there was to be another elevation on this journey. In Jeremiah 3:15, the Lord said: And I will give you pastors, according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding." On June 8, 2013, the people voted, the Spirit moved and the Lord "Gave" Reverend Conway C. Johnson, Jr. to Pastor the historical Sharon Baptist Church (SBC) in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The hand of God has been evident in this union of pastor and people. During Pastor Johnson's tenure Sharon Baptist Church (SBC) has experienced exponential growth in all facets of ministry. Hundreds of individuals and families have been touched by Rev. Johnson's teaching and preaching ministry and as a result the spiritual climate continues to escalate as the congregation works collectively in accordance with his vision which develops disciples. The SBC worship experience has evolved to reach persons of all ages so that they can have an intimate relationship with God. Pastor Johnson is intentional in his efforts to minister all generations and socioeconomic classes.